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New Items Needed Adding


I like the DIY Security system ! That's very funny! So next I think you should record the DIY Retrieval of your drone! I believe we can get through the mysql data stuff on the cheap. The stuff that has been moved looks ok. But I agree that we should continue to manually add new users until the data is moved over. It's not like you are going to have to keep doing this for years to come. And I have posted most of my concerns using the Dashboard and you always get back to me. That is a good idea. I have seen a couple of typos so I will keep posting them as I see them. I noticed that I have admin role. Do you want me to just fix as I see them? Might be easier that way. Still dragging my feet on the RNs on the spreadsheet. Is anyone done yet on there french stuff?

Well, back at it. It has been a tough couple of months. Looks like it's coming back together again. Thanks for the support. Everything is working and we are going to backup the changes to We are about to add the pictures and get back on the items that need to be added. Reviewing the items for the translation. I personally feel good about the input thus far. I like some of the new ideas a lot! Just takes money! Anyways we are back up and running.

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